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The Nurture Smart Crib & Floor Activity Gym was designed with input from Psychologists and Child Life Specialists. It is the only gym designed to work safely in cribs, play yards, and on the floor. Our goal was to create a gym that better stimulates brain and sensory development with optimal safety features for in-home and healthcare settings. The gym maximizes baby developmental progress with a special focus on baby safety and infection control.


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"We just received new Crib and Floor Activity Gym. It has four custom infant toys. I really wanted to be sure I chose an activity gym for her that was going to be stimulating and exercise her brain muscles and coordination and this does just that. Really loved that I can put it in her crib. It's lightweight and it folds up with the push of a button. It's also really easy to keep clean and disinfect. I highly recommend this baby gym."

- Jessie

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Superior Safety Features

Easily Cleaned

Stored in Minutes

Safety & Infection Control

The Crib Activity Gym is fully cleanable, containing no strings or cloth parts that can retain dirt or germs. The gym's durable construction is designed to meet the safety and infection control requirements of hospitals.

Custom Interactive Toys

Store with Ease

The Crib Activity Gym conveniently folds and unfolds by the press of a button. The legs can also be removed for further storage. The light-weight design provides easy access to the baby, quick cleanup, and simple storage.

What People Are Saying About Smart Crib & Floor Activity Gym

I love the gym! I think it is a great product. In Child Life, we have really struggled to have a baby gym that can easily be cleaned and this hits the mark completely. I like that it can be utilized in different manners and it fits the developmental needs of a wide range of infants. I was super excited to have a product like this that could easily be stored. Kudos for that. Having something this flexible is great and being able to easily switch out attachments is also extremely exciting. I look forward to using it with our babies visiting the clinic and assisting in therapy sessions with it.

-Lyssa Adams, MS, CCLS, CPST, CEIM
Children's Clinic, Tucson

Another great product for babies in the hospital! We love our new crib gym, in part because it was thoughtfully designed in collaboration with child life specialists. Our favorite features are that it is completely cleanable, and that it includes the option to personalize with a picture of the babies' loved ones. We are excited to have another great product to help offer distraction, and encourage play and motor development in our littlest patients. Thank you, Playability Toys, for continuing to create products with feedback from experts in child development!

-Heather L. Roberts, MSW, CCLS
Child Life Supervisor


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