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April is Autism Awareness Month!

One in sixty-eight children in the United States today has an autism spectrum disorder. The month of April is dedicated to bringing awareness to autism, which is very mild for some people, and very disabling for others. While the sheer number of those born with this disorder may seem daunting, improvements in science and technology have contributed greatly to what experts know about detecting the disorder, and how to treat it earlier for optimal outcomes. While there is still much more to learn, progress has been remarkable even in the past year. Scientists have discovered how to detect autism early on through blood tests and fMRI scans, and many behavioral techniques have been implemented to help kids grow up healthier and happier as they live with autism.

This April, PlayAbility Toys is celebrating Autism Awareness month with sales on our products that are designed specifically for children with cognitive disabilities, inclusive of the autism spectrum disorder. Our Emotiplush dolls in particular are the perfect toy for children with autism. These expressive plush dolls help children learn another person’s point of view. As opposed to a static plush toy, Emoti-Plush dolls can show an instant reaction which helps children understand emotions and the facial expressions connected to a particular feeling (At least 15 different expressions including Happy, Embarrassed, Confused and Surprised). They are bright, soft, and loved by kids. This month, you can enjoy them for 15% off.

We are also excited to announce the release of our new educational app, Pigsy Bank. Pigsy is an exciting game for children between the ages of 2 and 5 to begin developing financial literacy skills. Pigsy walks children through the basic identification of coins, their values, and how to create small sums of money. Your child will be captivated as they drag and drop different coins into Pigsy to create the total amount Pigsy is thinking about. Give your child a leg up and start learning with Pigsy! You can download it for free.