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Visual & Tactile Baby Mirror

Capturing Your Child’s Attention Just Got Easier

Infants' hand-eye coordination develops and they grow in social skills as they learn to follow and recognize the reflection of themselves and others. Encourage your baby to explore their own image! With high contrast images, your baby will respond to the strong contrast between black and white, making this the perfect toy for young developing brains!

Trusted by the Top 10 American Pediatric Hospitals

We know how important your child’s safety is to you, which is why we strived to create the safest and most developmentally-advanced tummy time toys available! Our toys are enjoyed by children in thousands of homes and health care facilities, including the United States’ top 10 pediatric hospitals.

Customer Reviews

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Pam Smith-Steward
Well made quality product

I hesitated to buy this because if the price. I shopped around but could not find an equivalent product. Happy I bought it fir mirror and also because I can put suction cup spinning toys on it.

She loved it!

My granddaughter is 3 months old and hates tummy time so far but when I placed the Visual & tactile Mirror in front of her she actually lasted for several minutes! I especially like the large size and the fact it has a mirrored side as well as black & white picture side. Definitely worth it!!

Nathena Opara

Visual & Tactile Baby Mirror

I just had to write you a quick voice of gratitude~

I’ve had the opportunity to use the mirror with a few of my toddlers /infants while they are having their bloods drawn and it is fantastic! The size is beyond perfect! It is easy to hold and the children adore seeing themselves ….trying to understand their reflection!
Thank you for creating this washable, non-destructible , wonderful item that I am confident will assist many pediatric patients and those that care for them in a variety of medical scenarios!
Well Done!