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Safe, smart products for every stage of your baby's development.

Designed for hospitals, loved by parents.

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Why Choose Nurture Smartᵀᴹ

Nurture Smartᵀᴹ products are designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide the safest, most advanced and most developmentally appropriate experience from newborns to toddlers.

With a history of collaboration and input from Certified Child Life Specialists, psychologists, audiologists and brain development professionals, we design and manufacture our products to meet the rigorous demands of hospitals while still being perfect for home use.

Designed for Hospitals, Loved by Parents.

Superior Safety, Design & Durability

Designed with significant input from healthcare professionals, Nurture Smart products are now found in thousands of homes and used in over 500 hospitals, including the country's top 10 pediatric hospitals.

Our mission is to provide safe baby toys that combine fun with sensory features to promote brain development and motivate physical activity. Here's what you can expect with Nurture Smart...

BPA & Phthalate Free

Thoughtfully Designed

Featured in Top News Sources for Expecting Parents

What People Are Saying About Nurture Smartᵀᴹ

Must have! My son absolutely loves [the Portable Baby Mobile]! He uses it everyday in his bassinet and we will be able to move it to his crib when the time is right!

Alexis R.

Excellent buy! I love how easy to assemble [the Baby Play Gym] is, it keeps my child entertained and it's easy to store. It was very easy to clean.

Ben H.

Sturdy and interactive. This play gym is easy to assemble and takes just seconds to put together. Once assembled it feels very sturdy and balanced, I do not worry about it falling. It is at the perfect height for a small baby to reach and hit the toys with both arms and feet[...]

Pamela T.

Baby loves it! Super cute and baby loves [the Baby Play Gym]! She's just starting to get big enough to grab the butterfly. I love that it kind of protects baby too! Now that she scoots in a circle, she kicks the poles. She also loves to stare at the colourful plastic toy. This is easily her favourite thing right now. It's SUPER easy to wash and put together again[...]

Aminat M.

She loved it! My granddaughter is 3 months old and hates tummy time so far but when I placed the Visual & tactile Mirror in front of her she actually lasted for several minutes! I especially like the large size and the fact it has a mirrored side as well as black & white picture side. Definitely worth it!!

Kim B.

Well made quality product. I hesitated to buy [the Baby Mirror] because of the price. I shopped around but could not find an equivalent product. Happy I bought it for mirror and also because I can put suction cup spinning toys on it.

Pam S.

Great ball for families with little kids. Love this ball! Oversized, easy to grab, and sensory rewarding. The colors are vibrant, it's easy to wash, and easy to catch. I have three kids and they can all play with this together (safely) Without any accidents[...]

Chirag N.

Daughter loves the crunch. Purchased [the Sensory Ball] for my daughter who is almost a year old and we play with it on a daily basis. The colors are bright and vibrant. The yellow part makes a loud crunchy sounds which my daughter loves, perfect sensory material[...]

Max E.

Just like the ones at the hospital. [The Crib Mobile has] worked great. We have the rechargeable AAA batteries with the C battery adapter and we use it non stop. Our 5 month old loves it, especially when we turn on the projector. We have it attached to the bassinet with no issues.

Deon V.

I bought it, loved it, and bought MORE for family and friends! Stop searching - this is the best [Portable Baby Mobile] out there! Well made. Affordable. Easy to clean. And it has the coolest features! Bought one for our baby then my sister's new baby... and she loved it so much that SHE bought more for HER friends! Can't recommend this baby mobile enough! You won't be disappointed.

Roy M.

Worth it! Our newborn was admitted to the hospital for blue spells, and of course her sleeping in the crib was required. Problem is, she won't sleep alone. Mom sleeps every night in the recliner. The nurse turned on this [Crib Mobile], and she finally slept in the crib on her own! So of course we bought one before coming home. Pricey, but worth it to have safe sleep!

Omawunmi A.

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