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Crib Mobile: Safest & Most Advanced for Your Baby | Nurture Smart

Quite simply, the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ mobile is the most advanced baby crib mobile ever created. Designed with expert input from healthcare professionals, Nurture Smart's baby crib mobile is the first and only crib mobile on the market that complies with the rigorous safety regulations of hospitals and is still perfect for in-home use.

Superior Developmental Features

Reversible Images

Bold black & white images and playful contrasting colors will promote brain development and help stimulate vision.

Comforting Sounds

Sound options include in-the-womb heartbeat, white noise, ocean waves, classical music and calming lullaby.

Adjustable Height

Easily adjusts up or down to match your baby's visual development progress and provide constant stimulation.

Star Projection

Includes a calming celestial night light that softly projects images of the night sky to help your baby fall asleep.

About Our Crib Mobile

Ages 0 – 6 months

Designed for hospitals. Developed by doctors. Trusted by experts. Loved by parents.

Quite simply, the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ mobile is the most advanced baby crib mobile ever created. Designed with expert input from healthcare professionals, Nurture Smart's baby crib mobile is the first and only crib mobile on the market that complies with the rigorous safety regulations of hospitals and is still perfect for in-home use.

Nurture Smartᵀᴹ makes superior quality sensory toys for babies. Trusted by over 500 of the best hospitals in America, including the top 10 pediatric hospitals, our durable baby crib mobile includes a variety of features that promote safety, sensory interaction, physical stimulation, and superior comfort.

Research-backed development and design features of our baby crib mobile:

  • Easily fits most baby cribs
  • Easy to clean & disinfect 
  • No loose or removable parts that can be a hazard to your baby
  • Manufactured without any harmful materials (BPA and Phthalate-free)  
  • Arrives fully assembled for easy attachment to crib
  • Easy to remove, pack and store
  • Patented quick-release feature for immediate, unobstructed access to your baby without removing the mobile from the crib rail 
  • Five (5) sound options included with calibrated volume and pitch levels set by Audiologists to protect your baby’s developing hearing
  • Height easily adjusts to match your baby's visual development progress 
  • Domed baby mirror so your child can recognize themselves in the mirror
  • Includes a celestial night light that softly projects images of the night sky
  • Rotating, adjustable images to stimulate vision and brain development - from bold black & white (for newborns) to contrasting colors (as they develop)

Fully Extended while in use

30.7” L x 12.5” W x 7.5” H

Folded inside package for storage

27.87” L x 7.72” W x 7.12” H

708mm L x 196mm W x 181mm H


The Nurture Smart™ Crib Mobile is delivered fully assembled with no removable parts. Just add batteries and it is ready to use.


Wipe the entire mobile with cleaning/disinfectant cloths or with a clean cloth dampened with a mild soap and water solution.

Rinse all cleaning solutions from the mobile before use with a baby.

Do not immerse the mobile in water.

A crib mobile is intended for visual stimulation and is not to be grasped by a child. 

Make sure product is properly fastened to the crib rail with the knob tightened before use with infant. 

Check frequently to make sure attachment is secure.

Remove product from crib or playpen when baby begins to push up on hands and knees.

Thoughtfully Designed With Child Life Specialists

Designed for Hospitals, Loved by Parents

What Makes Our Products Exceptional

Hear a Child Life Specialist talk about what makes Nurture Smart products stand out.

Designed with Safety and Durability in Mind

Nurture Smart™ Crib Mobile

The Nurture Smart™ Mobile is the first and only mobile that complies with hospital regulations.

Trusted by 500+ Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mobile?

The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby crib mobile was doctor-designed in collaboration with hospital Child Life Specialists. It includes carefully designed mobile crib toy viewing disks that allow our baby mobile to provide an exceptional developmental and sensory toy experience for your baby.

Can the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mobile and crib toys be safely used on a baby crib?

YES!  This baby crib mobile was designed with special safety features that meet hospital baby mobile safety standards. Mobiles that contain cloth crib toys or strings should never be placed over a crib as they can create a choking hazard if they fall into a crib. Cloth and string can also harbor bacteria and viruses that can be passed on to a baby. Our carefully designed baby mobile and viewing disks are made from phthalate free, exceptionally strong plastic compounds that are baby safe. They are firmly attached and easily cleaned and disinfected.

Why is the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mobile considered the best baby mobile and how does it provide the best baby developmental crib toy experience?

Our doctor-designed baby crib mobile includes color viewing discs as well as black and white viewing discs for baby’s developing vision.  Younger babies have difficulty distinguishing colors and are more attracted to and stimulated by black and white crib toys. As your baby grows, he or she will become more interested and fascinated by bright-colored crib toys. In addition to the viewing discs, the Nurture Smart baby mobile for cribs includes an engaging domed mirror for babies to see themselves and their movements.

Our baby mobile also has a unique arm adjustment that allows you to adjust the distance of the viewing images to the ideal distance for your baby’s developing visual needs. Young babies can only see up to 12 inches, so it is critical for a crib mobile to have the adjustability to safely provide viewing stimulation at this distance. As the baby grows and develops, the images should be moved further away from baby to continue motivating interest and brain development.

Is this a musical mobile and will it provide comfort to your baby? 

Our baby mobile is a musical mobile and offers five sound alternatives (in-womb heartbeat, white noise, wave action and two music options) that provide both auditory stimulation and comfort to your baby. Studies have shown that white noise, waves, and in-womb heartbeat sounds promote comfort and better sleeping patterns for babies. The in-womb heartbeat option is particularly soothing for young babies as this was the primary sound they were exposed to developing in the womb. The in-womb heartbeat sound can also help with the significant transition to baby’s new world. The volume levels for our musical baby mobile have also been carefully calibrated and tested to make sure they are heard but do not risk damage to your baby's sensitive hearing as it develops.

What is the appropriate age range for using our baby mobile? 

Our baby mobile is designed for babies 0 – 6 months old.  When babies are capable of getting on their knees and/or pulling themselves up and reaching to touch the baby mobile it should be removed from the baby crib.

Why do pediatric hospitals love our baby crib mobile?

Our baby mobile is the only crib mobile designed to meet the rigorous safety, child development and comfort standards required by hospitals. These same baby mobile features are equally important when your baby goes home. Hospitals do not allow removable parts that can fall into the crib and create a choking hazard or strings or wires that could entangle a baby or fabric that can harbor bacteria and viruses. The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mobile is easily cleaned and disinfected, helping to prevent flu, RSV and other germs from transferring to your baby, and the exceptional developmental features are doctor-designed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
From the NICU to home!

We were in the NICU for over a month with our daughter. We spent a lot of time in the NICU, but with a young son at home, weren’t able to stay there 24 hours a day. The hardest part of the NICU stay for me, each day, was saying goodbye to and leaving my baby. I was worried that her small awake windows might occur when I wasn’t there and she’d just be left alone, lying in her crib.

Child Life Services brought in a Nurture Smart mobile for her and it made a huge difference! Whenever she was awake, she was absolutely mesmerized by it. She enjoyed the music and mirror during the day and the heartbeat sounds and star projection as part of her wind down routine for nighttime.

I’d come in in the mornings to find her happily watching her mobile, totally content. She could already track the black and white images. The speed was just right for her.

She loved her mobile so much that we knew we had to get one for her when she got home from the NICU! Highly recommend!

Michelle Anderson
Worth the price!!

I can't rave enough about this product. My newborn was hospitalized for a week and luckily the hospital had this available for us to use. My son was so mesmerized watching it. It was the only thing that helped calm him and keep his attention away from his illness. I came home and immediately searched for this product. I love it and have recommended it to every expecting mother I know! The price is high but well worth it!

Howard Moore

Crib Mobile - The Most Advanced & Safest Mobile Available




My baby boy was in the hospital for 12 days and they had this mobile he LOVED IT! The price is high but for my baby anyone would do anything and my grandma got it for him he can’t take his eyes off of it wouldn’t think twice about buying this no matter what the price was!