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Crib Mobile - The Most Advanced & Safest Mobile Available

Trusted by 500+ Hospitals and Thousands of Parents

Nurture Smart is an innovative brand that designs, engineers, and manufacturers unique developmental toys for infants. The Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is the most advanced crib mobile ever created. Designed with input from healthcare professionals, Nurture Smart products include exceptional safety, child development, and comfort features. Our mission is to provide unique products that combine fun with sensory features that promote brain development and motivate physical activity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
cheri gordon

Love the smart crib

Carol Richards
Nurture Smart Crib mobile for my Grandson

Absolutely love it and so does my Grandson. I wanted to give my daughter one but unfortunately her crib has big rails which seems to be the trend these days. It would be nice to see a mobile with an adjustable clamp to attach to different sized crib rails.

Omawunmi Abiola
Worth it!

Our newborn was admitted to the hospital for blue spells, and of course her sleeping in the crib was required. Problem is, she won’t sleep alone. Mom sleeps every night in the recliner. The nurse turned on this mobile, and she finally slept in the crib on her own! So of course we bought one before coming home. Pricey, but worth it to have safe sleep!

Deon van der Linde
Just like the ones at the hospital 🏥

It's worked great. We have the rechargeable AAA batteries with the C battery adapter and we use it none stop. Our 5 month old loves it, especially when we turn on the projector. We have it attached to the bassinet with no issues.

Fatima Ravi
Great mobile

Love the overhead lights at night. My kids got used to this one in the nicu so it was a comfort to them when they got home finally.