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About Us

Our products are used in well over 500 hospitals, including the top 10 pediatric hospitals, and thousands of families have decided they want the same quality products for their homes.

Nurture Smart™, and its sister brand PlayAbility Toys have been designing and manufacturing unique toys and products for babies and children for over 20 years. The design team is led by Dr. Martin Fox, an Educational Psychologist, and the team includes engineers and design staff with many years in the toy industry. We also work closely with our Child Life Specialist advisory group representing many of the top pediatric hospitals in the country.

Our Vision

We provide hospitals and homes with fun and engaging products to enhance babies' ability to develop to their fullest potential.

Our Mission

The Nurture Smart™ team is committed to promoting child development by partnering with healthcare providers, families, and other professionals to engineer and produce creative, exceptionally safe specialized products that enable babies to learn, laugh, play, and grow.

Designed for Hospitals, Loved By Parents

A History of Collaboration

Working together to design and manufacture advanced developmental toys that comply with Hospital Safety and Infectious Disease Control Standards

Dr. Martin Fox, an Educational Psychologist, was President of a toy company that created products for children with special needs. In 2013 Dr. Fox met with a group of Child Life Specialists (CLS) at Diamonds Children’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. He asked the Specialists if their toy needs were being met, and the group collectively responded that their greatest need was a crib mobile that could meet hospital disinfection and other safety and developmental standards. The discussion delved into what was wrong with the hundreds of mobiles that were already available from Amazon and other retailers, and what features were needed in a mobile so it could be used safely in a hospital environment.

One of the CLS’s present (*) placed a request on the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) Forum asking her colleagues to confirm the need for a mobile and to provide a list of features they would like to see in the mobile. 

The Forum responses were overwhelming!   

  • It must be easily disinfected
  • It must attach securely to the crib and be easily moved out of the way in case of emergency
  • It must provide superior developmental and comfort features
  • It must have no loose parts that could fall into the crib or be lost. 

These Forum responses were the beginning of a collaborative process that led to the development of the Nurture Smart™ Crib Mobile and ultimately 4 more hospital-safe, advanced developmental products for babies and toddlers.  

This history of collaboration continues today; Nurture Smart regularly consults with CLS advisors for development of all new product designs.  With 5 products currently in the mix, Nurture Smart is trusted and used at more than 500 hospitals across the country including the top 10 pediatric hospitals.  

All Nurture Smart products are designed for safety, durability and include unmatched developmental features.   

(*) Special thanks to Heather Roberts, MSW, CCLS who was previously at Diamonds Children’s Hospital, Tucson, AZ and is now the Child Life Supervisor at Tucson Medical Center.

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