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Autism and Anxiety Study - Nurture Smart

Autism and Anxiety Study

Autism and Anxiety Study

Approximately half of children with autism spectrum disorder also suffer from an anxiety disorder or an atypical anxiety. These anxieties range from children who fear social situations, to children who fear the sound of a beeping microwave. Unfortunately, little treatment has been researched specific to anxiety disorders within the population of children with autism, and, given the uniqueness of anxiety and autism together, treatment is currently limited.

Researchers at Temple University are piloting a study to better understand the link between anxiety and autism, which they hope will lead to better treatment in the future. A consultant to the study declared that the study will be “the most rigorous examination of the best psychosocial treatment for anxiety in kids on the spectrum that’s been conducted to date”, according to an article at

As the rising rates of autism continue in the United States, this study will likely bring answers and hope to a critical part of this cognitive disability.