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Creativity Can Set You Free - Nurture Smart

Creativity Can Set You Free

Creativity Can Set You Free

Music, drawings, photography – there are endless artistic endeavors that have helped people to express themselves in ways that words sometimes just can’t. For kids with special needs, self-expression can be incredibly difficult. Impaired cognitive function can leave many adults and children struggling to find ways to express themselves. Creative therapy can be extremely beneficial to everyone, but especially to those who find it especially challenging to communicate. They also have the added benefit of helping people with challenges work on their motor and cognitive skills.

Lately, there have been several creative photography projects rolling around the internet that show the importance of creative projects for self-expression. Perhaps the most popular, featuring many young children as superheroes, is The Superhero Project, created by Shawna Burbank, a mother of a boy with Down syndrome. Kids dressed up in capes and looking strong and powerful despite their disabilities is not only adorable, but captures the true spirit of these incredible individuals. See these amazing photographs here:

This father-son photography project helped to create a deeper understanding between a father and his son with autism who had many rituals that the father at first found confusing. This photography project captures some of his son’s idiosyncratic behaviors, which led his father to appreciate his son’s unique characteristics:

Lastly, photographer Linnea Lenkus created a “Healing” series of photographs that show family members holding their loved ones with physical and cognitive disabilities. The exhibit highlights the compassion and bond between the family members and seeks to promote healing and understanding that these special individuals deserve.

You can read and view more about that by following this link:

PlayAbility Toys was founded on the idea that creative expression in play can help children navigate through the often overwhelming path of growing and learning with cognitive and physical challenges. Our toys and games are uniquely designed to help children with special needs learn and grow in their own special way. Take a look at our Laser Band music therapy game, and our Do A Dot Art Project (with Braille) that will allow kids to express themselves in ways you may never have seen before.