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Helping Diverse Learners Succeed - Nurture Smart

Helping Diverse Learners Succeed

Helping Diverse Learners Succeed

In a recent article in Edutopia, the author, Todd Finley, points out ways to help teachers help students with diverse learning needs. Today, more than ever the student population in schools is made up of more diverse students. The author lays out several ways to help teachers with diverse students, including setting high expectations, giving instructions that are culturally relevant, and parental involvement, to name a few.

For children with special needs in inclusive settings it can be extremely difficult to navigate their way through the system, such as making friends, dealing with peer pressure, and grasping the material being taught. One of our goals at PlayAbility is to help facilitate learning. Some of our toys, such as the Shape SENSEation, come with lesson plans and a play activity guide.

The lesson plans may be used by paraprofessionals to help make learning fun. The Shape SENSEation may be used to teach fine and gross motor skills, shapes, and other concepts such as taking apart and putting together.

The original article was published at Edutopia. Click here to read the entire article.