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Reading to young children increases brain activity - Nurture Smart

Reading to young children increases brain activity

Reading to young children increases brain activity

Parents have long been told to read to their babies and young children as frequently as possible. This simple task nurtures the important bond between parent and child, and helps children develop an ear for language earlier in life. Furthermore, a recent MRI study found that children who were read to frequently at early ages had more brain activity earlier in life, and developed their cognitive skills more quickly than children who did not spend as much time with their parents and books. The MRI scan found the language and reading areas of the brain demonstrated significantly more activity, meaning that these children will learn to read and develop their speech faster than their peers.

The importance of reading to children to help their brains and social skills develop quickly and meaningfully cannot be overstated. PlayAbility Toys proudly offers book sets that parents can read to their children and contribute to their healthy development. The evidence is clear - children need this activity in their lives, and it’s up to parents to promote their children’s growth!

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