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We accept and process our returns via Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) throughout the United States. If you would like to return an undamaged or damaged product (including incorrect products, such as you received the incorrect product by mistake), please visit our Contact page and select the Returns & Exchanges option in the contact form. 

We can only accept product returns within the first 30 days of the shipment receipt in most cases with a $5 processing fee for all returns which will be applied at the time of refund. The product must be returned to us (you will be responsible for the cost to ship the products back to us.)  All Nurture Smart products have a 120 day limited warranty.

In your message, please include your name, email address, Shopify order number, name(s) of the product(s) you would like to return or exchange, and the reason for your return or exchange.

Once we receive your return and/exchange message, we will contact you via the email address you submitted in our website contact form. We may also ask for proof of your Shopify order (such as a screenshot) that includes your name and address as well as images of the product(s) purchased and/or received, shipping box(es), and shipping label(s).

After we receive the above information, we will email you a RMA return label from our Amazon MCF platform so you can mail your return and/or exchange to our Amazon warehouse. Once your return and/or exchange arrives at the Amazon warehouse, we will reimburse you for your order or ship your exchange.

To return damaged products,  please provide an image of the whole product, including the damage(s).

To return incorrect products, please provide an image of the incorrectly received product showing the product ID or barcode sticker. If available, please also include images of the model number and serial number.

To return missing products (such as you received a shipment without the product inside), please provide images of empty product packaging, images of all products received, and all product ID or barcode stickers.