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Sensory Balls for Babies | Best Toys 6-12 Months by Nurture Smart

Type: Sensory Ball
Color - Red & Yellow

Sensory Development Features

Ribbed Design

The unique patented ribbed design makes it easy for even the smallest hands to grasp, catch and throw, helping build fine motor skills.

Crinkle Material

The Sensory Ball's crinkle material used in the ribbing provides a pleasing experience and a rewarding auditory and tactile sensory stimulation.

Bright Colors

Contrasting primary colors provide your baby with visual sensory stimulation, making it easy for them to see and track the Sensory Ball.

Lightweight & Durable

The Sensory Ball is both lightweight enough for a toddler to lift over their head and durable to withstand play in most indoor and outdoor settings.

About Our Sensory Ball

Perfect for Toddlers and Crawling Babies

Designed for hospitals. Developed by doctors. Trusted by experts. Loved by parents.

Nurture Smartᵀᴹ makes superior quality sensory toys for babies, and our sensory ball is an ideal way to promote shared play experiences and engagement with your child and their siblings, helping them develop social skills, coordination, self-control, and emotional regulation.

Designed with expert input from Child Life Specialists and intended to help stimulate muscle development, improve vision, and encourage hand-eye coordination, the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ sensory ball is a vibrant, versatile and tactile toy that can be used indoors or outdoors and is perfect for infants, crawlers, toddlers and young children.

Trusted by over 500 of the country's best hospitals, including the top 10 Pediatric Hospital in America, our innovative sensory ball was designed to exceed the rigorous safety, development and durability standards of both healthcare professionals and parents alike.

Research-backed development and design features of our sensory ball:

  • Patented "ribbed" design helps build fine motor skills and makes it easy for even the smallest hands to grasp, catch and throw; also ensures the ball won't roll away
  • Perfect for infants, toddlers, crawlers, and even older kids
  • No loose or removable parts, strings or fabrics that can be a hazard to your baby
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Manufactured without any harmful materials (BPA and Phthalate-free)
  • Pleasing 'crinkle-sound' from the material provides rewarding auditory development and tactile sensory stimulation
  • Two (2) primary color options, each with vibrant, bright, contrasting colors that provide visual sensory stimulation and make it easy for infants to see and track
  • Lightweight, durable design with an inner PVC liner allowing the sensory ball to be safely used in most indoor or outdoor settings, whether at home or on-the-go
  • Nylon material surface is easy to clean and disinfect and will hold up to soap, water and wipes
  • Perfect sensory toy to help foster muscle development and coordination including pushing, chasing, throwing & catching
  • Easily inflated, deflated and flattened for travel, packing or storage

The Nurture Smart™ Sensory Ball is 14" in diameter.


Insert the PVC Bladder through the opening provided, inflate by mouth or air pump, use snaps to close opening.


Keep the Sensory Ball inflated, or deflate the bladder by squeezing the nozzle for easy storage.

Designed for Hospitals, Loved by Parents

What Makes Our Products Exceptional

Hear a Child Life Specialist talk about what makes Nurture Smart products stand out.

Designed with Safety and Durability in Mind

Nurture Smart™ Sensory Ball

The Nurture Smart™ Sensory Ball provides a powerful mechanism for shared play between babies and their parents and/or siblings.

Trusted by 500+ Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ Sensory Ball? 

The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ Sensory Ball provides a powerful mechanism for shared play between babies and their parents and/or siblings.  Shared sensory ball play helps develop social skills, self- control and emotional regulation. This sensory toy for babies is wonderful as babies and children can use them in so many ways; ways that change as youngsters master new skills and learn new concepts.

How is the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ Sensory ball different?

This sensory ball has a unique, patented rib design that is perfect for small hands to practice grasp and release, building fine motor skills. Crawlers and toddlers alike will love pushing, chasing, throwing and catching this ball as they build coordination and strengthen major muscle groups. The rib design prevents this sensory ball from rolling too far away, so more play time and less frustration!

Can this sensory ball be used indoors and out?

Yes, this sensory ball is light enough to be used safely indoors, and the tough nylon cover allows for outdoor play. The nylon cover of this sensory ball is easy to clean with disinfecting wipes and the inner PVC liner deflates for easy storage and packing.

How does this sensory ball provide sensory stimulation?

The sensory ball includes a pleasing crinkle material in the patented ribs that provide rewarding auditory and tactile sensory stimulation. The bright, contrasting colors provides visual sensory stimulation and make it easy to see and track.

What is the appropriate age range for this sensory ball?

This sensory ball will provide hours of fun for crawlers, toddlers and older children.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Colleen Turner
Inclusive product

My daughter was given the sensory ball as a gift. She has difficulty with motor planning and has limited use of her hands and arms, and has cortical visual impairment. This ball has provided an opportunity for her to be included in an age old past time with her siblings and peers. The sides of the balls have areas where she can grip the ball and gain control prior to handing it off or throwing it to someone else. We had never seen a ball like this before. The colors are bright, it makes a crinkling sound when manipulated, it is easy to grasp, light weight and well built. We couldn't be more pleased with this ball. We would definitely recommend this product! Thank you so much Dr. Fox

Maureen Fox
Great sensory toy!

My grandniece loves playing with this ball! She can easily catch and throw it and is able to play along with her older brother!

Nice toy

Loved the toy for my daughter. There was a little hiccup with shipping but was quickly resolved.

Nicholas Timpone
Terrific for developmental fun

Fun and engaging while delivering valuable OT/PT therapies. The ball’s sensory elements have helped our 3yo son with some sensory adversions. It is light and fun to play with both in and out doors. Great toy for this looking to incorporate fun to needed therapies.

Max Ellis
Daughter loves the crunch

 Purchased for my daughter who is almost a year old and we play with it on a daily basis. The colors are bright and vibrant. The yellow part makes a lound crunchy sounds which my daughter loves, perfect sensory material. It come separately, you have to insert the white ball inside the mesh material and then inflate. It is very easy to do and takes just a minute or two to put together. The only downside is if you have a very small space (like myself) you have to deflate to store it since it's a bit bigger than a soccer ball or basketball.