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Nurture Smart™ products help improve patient experiences while ensuring compliance with all hospital safety and disinfection standards.

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Nurture Smart products are meticulously crafted with valuable insights from healthcare professionals, including Child Life Specialists, doctors, psychologists, and compliance personnel. These collaborative efforts ensure that the products incorporate optimal developmental features while adhering to stringent hospital performance, disinfection, and safety standards.

Designed for Hospitals, Loved By Parents

Trusted by over 500 hospitals, all Nurture Smart™ products are developed for use in Children’s Hospitals to safely calm or stimulate infant, baby and toddler patients while enhancing cognitive, visual, auditory and physical development. 

Exceeds Hospital Safety Requirements

Easy Setup & Storage

BPA & Phthalate Free

Easily Cleaned & Disinfected

Improves Brain Development

No Loose or Removable Parts

120-Day Warranty

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Trusted by Over 500 Hospitals

Nurture Smart products are now found in thousands of homes and used in over 500 hospitals, including the country's top 10 pediatric hospitals.

Babies who were provided Nurture Smart™ developmental products while in the NICU or PICU received ongoing comfort when provided these products at home after discharge from the hospital.

Hospital Gift Shops

Interested in your hospital earning additional revenue? Consider Nurture Smart products for your hospital gift shop. We will provide:

  • Compact product display
  • Unique QR code for easy ordering
  • Direct fulfillment from our warehouse
  • No inventory for hospital to carry
  • Earn commissions on all sales

To learn more about this potential revenue stream for your hospital, contact our CEO directly.

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A History of Collaboration

Working together to design and manufacture advanced developmental toys that comply with Hospital Safety and Infectious Disease Control Standards

Dr. Martin Fox, an Educational Psychologist, father and grandfather, was President of a toy company that created products for children with special needs. In 2013 he met with a group of Child Life Specialists (CLS) at Diamonds Children’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. When asked if their toy needs were being met, the group collectively responded that their greatest need was a crib mobile that could meet hospital disinfection and other safety and developmental standards.

These discussions drove Nurture Smart™ to create hospital-friendly baby products and were the beginning of a collaborative process with healthcare professionals that continues today...

We Depend Upon Your Feedback and Guidance

To continuously improve our company, we invite Child Life Specialists and other health care professionals to join our advisory board whose purpose is to drive the highest quality, safest and most advanced child development toys available and suitable for use in hospitals.

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