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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music - the universal language. We listen to music to soothe our minds, hearts, and souls. The benefit of music is so immediately apparent to us that sometimes we forget just how influential a song can be to our every day lives. However, it is important to look again- music in the lives of children with special needs can be therapeutic and incredibly important to develop skills, and self-expression! Music therapy benefits children in the following ways:

1. It facilitates relaxation. Living with autism can be overwhelming. Music is a great way to keep the mind calm. Studies have shown that listening to classical music correlates to better grades in school, but the benefits of relaxation extend to so much more than grades.

2. Increases motor coordination. Playing an instrument requires the brain and the body to work together in unique and challenging ways. Learning an instrument will improve your child’s coordination.

3. Reinforce and provide motivation for physical exercise. Do you ever run with your headphones in? The rhythm of the music we listen to tends to be the rhythm to which we exercise. Sometimes, putting on an upbeat song can be enough motivation to go for a jog!

4. Foster independence, self-confidence- and self-esteem. Improved skills from learning about music increases overall life skills in children of all abilities. Music is the gateway to many improved areas of life!

5. Develop functional speech and communication abilities. Whether by singing, writing lyrics, or simply relating to the words of others, music helps us connect and communicate in ways that are otherwise difficult or hard to find the words for. Singing the lyrics to any song helps us all develop our speech abilities. Music is a fun and therapeutic way to sharpen these important skills.

PlayAbility Toys is proud to offer music toys that can help children of all abilities develop their skills and become their best selves. Check out our LaserBand game teaches children the joy of music. The Drum Therapy Kit allows children to learn an instrument and improve motor skills and coordination all in one!

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