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Play is the work of the child - Nurture Smart

Play is the work of the child

Play is the work of the child

Maria Montessouri once said that "Play is the work of the child," and PlayAbility Toys could not agree more. The evidence that play is important in children's development has been mounting for decades, and its importance has been increasingly accepted in society. When kids are playing, they are participating in the development of important life skills, ranging from social skills and emotional expression, to language, literacy, and math skills. While pre-school and kindergarten are tremendously important in aiding a young child's growth, play should not be discounted.

Play promotes developmental skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. PlayAbility Toys believes that play is one of the most important aspects of a child's cognitive development.

All children, regardless of ability level, should have access to toys that promote the growth of their brain and their social abilities. Our brand proudly creates toys that gives all children the ability to play, grow, and thrive, while promoting their cognitive and physical development.

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