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Links Found Between Genes and Autism - Nurture Smart

Links Found Between Genes and Autism

Links Found Between Genes and Autism

Scientists have discovered a link between 60 genes and autism. The studies show the nature of genetic mutations that cause autism. The genes seem to cluster around three sets of biological functions responsible for the synapses in the brain, genetic instructions, and DNA packaging in the cells. The researchers discovered that each of these biological functions could have an effect on an individual that would manifest itself as autism.

The researchers pointed out that genetic research has helped treat different kinds of disorders and diseases such as leukemia and understanding the biology of genes could one day lead to a more personalized treatment for individuals with autism.

A portion of the study focused on de novo genes, genes not passed on by mother or father, but developed before conception. Further studies would need to be undertaken to discover what environmental factors are causing the genes to mutate.

Like all studies more research needs to be completed before a final determination can be made, but it gives hope that one day the cause of autism may be discovered leading to more precise treatments.

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