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Makerspaces - Nurture Smart



Makerspaces or Maker Education is a new school of thought that includes construction to help children with special needs and those without special needs learn complex skills. The goal of Makerspaces is to help students learn and achieve success. What is more gratifying than to know that you have created something from nothing.

Students with specials needs or other neurological differences have trouble with planning, collaborating, organizing, and completing complex tasks that require forward thinking, to name a few. In Makerspaces, students collaborate with other students. They have to know what they are going to build and follow through, sometimes this starts with a small project that develops into something larger.

STEAMworks, in Houston, allows students to work their way up. For example, they cannot move onto a more complex tool, until they have mastered a simpler tool. Makerspacers is a great way for students to collaborate together and learn from one another.

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