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Researchers find autism with 97% accuracy using fMRI scan

Clinical evaluation to determine autism may become a thing of that past, thanks to new advances in research at Carnegie Mellon University. Researchers are now able to detect autism with 97% accuracy using an fMRI scan while focusing on how the brain responds to certain thoughts about social interactions. While the typically-developing brain will activate in certain areas while thinking about a hug, the autistic brain does not show the same activity. These “thought-markers”- described by blogger Shaun Heasley as “differences in the way the brain responds to certain thoughts”, could aid in the earlier and more accurate diagnosis of autism.

Earlier diagnosis of autism can lead to better outcomes for those who develop the condition, with the help of behavioral interventions. PlayAbility Toys offers several sensory toys and products that can stimulate cognitive processes and growth in autistic children, including our Rib-it-ball and Buddy dog. The high contrasting colors in these products captivate the young child’s eye while stimulating vision, and the different textures in each easy-to-grab toy enhance tactile stimulation while improving cognitive function. As early intervention is important for the outcomes of children with autism, we are excited to offer toys that will aid in the growth of children’s developing brains.​

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