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Therapeutic Theater Program

Two school districts in Chicago are participating in a therapeutic theater program. What exactly is a therapeutic theater program? It is a program that gives special needs children the opportunity to perform onstage, while reaping the therapeutic benefits of music. Music in general helps individuals focus better, is cognitively stimulating, and helps with language development. Participating in music helps increase neural activity and helps develop fine motor tasks, especially if an individual plays an instrument. The theater program, Special Gifts Theatre, gives special needs students the opportunity to build their self confidence, communicate with peers, supports team building, and enhances therapy in a fun way.

PlayAbility Toys offers musical products for this very same reason. Our Drum Therapy Kit teaches children drumming in a fun noiseless way that parents will appreciate. The Drum Therapy Kit comes with a manual, a DVD, drumsticks, and a drum pad. PlayAbility also offers the Laser Band. The Laser Band allows children to create, record, and experience music by moving their hands through laser beams. All of our musical products help children with communication, fine motor skills, self esteem, memory, and coordination. Our products can be used in therapy for a fun musical learning experience.

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