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Yale Autistic Sibling Study

A recent Yale study found that 20% of autistic siblings will also have the disorder. While the news is not that surprising, it correlates to another recent study that found that families who have a child with autism are one third less likely to have more children. However, for those families that do choose to have more children there is evidence to show that children as young as 4 to 5 months old may be diagnosed with autism. The earlier the diagnosis, the earlier the intervention may begin. The importance of parent and caregiver training interventions for individuals with autism is sometimes an overlooked component of behavioral intervention. There is plenty of research that supports parent and caregiver training. Parents and caregivers spend the most time with the individual, and having them help with the intervention can increase sociocommunicative skills. PlayAbility’s puppets, Echo and Buddy are perfect for interacting with children. Children love the high contrasting colors, the squeaky paws, and the crinkles. Parents and caregivers can use the puppets for language development such as “wh” questions, identifying colors and shapes, and many more games.

PlayAbility Toys offers The Bizi Ball. The Bizi Ball has high contrasting colors, it opens and closes (can show cause and effect), has a mirror for self identification, and has a teething ring (for oral and sensory issues). The Bizi Ball is perfect for parent and caregiver interventions. For example, parents and caregivers can practice taking turns rolling the ball back and forth to strengthen gross motor skills. Bizi-Ball can also help teach concepts such as open and close or rough and smooth through the different tactile features.​​