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Baby Vaccinations During the Pandemic

Vaccination rates for babies have significantly dropped since isolation, social distancing, and other safety measures have been implemented to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Parents are concerned about taking babies to their pediatrician’s office or clinic for fear they could be exposed to the virus. Parents need to be aware that the risk associated with not vaccinating their baby and having routine baby checkups is greater than the risk of exposure to the virus. Without up to date vaccinations, a baby could be vulnerable to viruses that are potentially more serious that COVID 19. In addition, well checks allow your clinician to evaluate child development progress and identify early signs of other potential health and well-being concerns.

Pediatricians and other health practitioners have developed safety protocols that will allow them to see babies with minimal exposure risk. Concerned parents should call their doctor or clinic and ask about the safety measures that have been put into place. The CDC is a great resource for information about vaccines and other baby health-related topics. You can go to for detailed information about vaccine timing.