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The Perfect Baby Gift in Times of Isolation!

These are crazy times! My wife and I can't even go across town to see our kids and grandkids, and the distance to family in different parts of the country seems to have grown exponentially. The recording feature of our new Portable Crib Mobile with Record and Play is even more relevant with today's isolation requirements. We added the recording feature so that family members who were not able to be physically near the new baby could record their voice so the baby could hear them. We also included a photo slot so the baby could see who that voice belonged to. These features along with the state of the art development and safety features (including the ability to disinfect) make it the perfect baby gift. This is especially true in today's world of isolation and focus on infection control. It's not as good as holding that baby in our arms, but my wife and I take comfort in knowing that our granddaughter can hear our voices and see our photo while benefiting from the best mobile available today!