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Doctor Designed Baby Mirror | Hospital Approved with Visual & Sensory Features

Type: Baby Mirror


Developed to meet the rigors of hospitals’ safety and infection control standards, the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror is designed with expert input from healthcare professionals and is the first and only baby mirror trusted by over 500 hospitals, including the top 10 pediatric hospitals.

The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror is a versatile, visual and tactile mirror designed with expert input from Child Life Specialists to foster the critical cognitive process of "object permanence" in your baby - where they learn that even if they don't see someone or something, it can still exist (like mom, dad, or a sibling).

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Hospital Approved

The Nurture Smart™ Baby Mirror was designed for hospitals and can be an excellent tool to capture a baby's attention, distract them when necessary and keep them calm while advancing their visual & cognitive development, improving motor skills and enhancing emotional and social development.

Sensory Development Features

Oversized Mirror

The extra-large mirror is perfect for developing vision in babies and helping stimulate both engagement and brain development as the baby grows.

Visual & Tactile

Our Baby Mirror provides both visual & tactile stimulation, encouraging eye-hand coordination, overall motor ability, self-awareness, and object persistence.


A mirror on one side and black-and-white raised images on the other helps maintain curiosity and interest, supporting the cognitive process of "object permanence".

Raised Images

High contrast black-and-white raised images attract the attention of new babies whose vision is still evolving, making this tactile toy perfect for brain development.

About Our Baby Mirror

Ages 0 – 10 months

Developed by doctors. Designed for hospitals. Trusted by experts. Loved by parents.

The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror is a versatile, visual and tactile mirror designed with expert input from Child Life Specialists to foster the critical cognitive process of "object permanence" in babies - where they learn that even if they don't see someone or something, it can still exist (like mom, dad, or a sibling).

Nurture Smartᵀᴹ makes superior quality sensory toys for babies. Our baby mirror is one of the safest and most developmentally-advanced tummy-time toys available anywhere. Trusted by over 500 of the country's best hospitals and found in every top Pediatric Hospital in America, our versatile and tactile baby mirror was designed to adhere to the rigorous safety standards, sensory interaction, and physical stimulation required by healthcare professionals and expected by parents.

Research-backed development and design features of our baby mirror:

  • Versatile enough to be safely attached to a crib, propped up on the floor or used on-the-go
  • Easy to clean & disinfect 
  • No loose or removable parts, strings or fabrics that can trap bacteria or virus
  • Manufactured without any harmful materials and made of polymer compounds that are BPA and Phthalate-free
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Includes locking safety loops that allow it to be attached and secured to a crib, stroller, high chair, carseat or playpen
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to transport, pack and store for playtime anywhere
  • Extra-large sized mirror that helps improve vision in babies as they learn to follow and recognize the reflection of themselves and loved ones
  • Designed for use in tummy-time play, which builds babies' strength and helps develop young muscles
  • Two-sided, tactile design for added sensory exploration and to maintain curiosity and interest
  • High-contrast, black and white raised images helps stimulate the baby's vision as it develops
  • Encourages sensory stimulation and physical exploration that promotes brain, muscle, and coordination development
  • Reduces the risk of separation anxiety and helps foster emotional stability and socialization in babies
  • Shatterproof, high quality reflective surface contains no glass

A baby’s favorite thing to look at is the human face. Seeing their own image in the Nurture Smart™ Baby Mirror will calm them, entertain them, stimulate their senses, make them feel safe, develop language skills and foster muscle development.

Extra-large baby mirror allows the child to easily see their reflection and recognize their own facial expressions or share the mirror with loved ones to play games such as peek-a-boo.

  • These activities help the baby to understand object permanence, an important first year cognitive milestone.
  • Babies will learn to identify familiar faces and explore the wonderful things a face can do like blinking and smiling.
  • Play time will strengthen family bonds and build social and emotional stability.
  • Baby will work to focus their eyes and track movements which helps develop their tiny muscles as they reach and move toward their reflection
  • Talk to baby about each part of your face or facial expressions while in front of the mirror to boost language skills
  • Great sensory toy featuring raised black-and-white graphic shapes to provide visual and tactile stimulation
  • Prop the Nurture Smart™ Baby Mirror against a pillow during tummy-time sessions. The visual stimulation of seeing their own reflection motivates the baby to reach out and move towards the mirror, often extending tummy time and helping to build physical strength
  • Due to the large size and graphics, the Nurture Smart™ Baby Mirror has been successfully used to distract and calm babies during exams or treatments

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The Nurture Smart™ Baby Mirror is 12” W x 12” H.


No assembly required.


Wipe clean with disinfectant wipes.

Designed for Hospitals, Loved by Parents

What Makes Our Products Exceptional

Hear a Child Life Specialist talk about what makes Nurture Smart products stand out.

Designed with Safety and Durability in Mind

Baby Mirror Toy | Explore Recognition with Your Baby in Crib and Portable - Nurture Smart

Nurture Smart™ Baby Mirror

As a baby's hand-eye coordination develops and their social skills grow, they learn to follow and recognize the reflection of themselves and others. Encourage the baby to explore their own image.

Trusted by 500+ Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do pediatric hospitals love our baby mirror?

Our baby mirror is the only baby mirror designed to meet the rigorous safety and child development standards required by hospitals. These same baby mirror features are equally important when the baby goes home. Hospitals do not allow cloth parts that could create a choking hazard or strings that could entangle a baby or fabric that can harbor bacteria and viruses. The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror is easily cleaned and disinfected, helping to prevent flu, RSV and other germs from transferring to the baby, and the exceptional developmental features are doctor-designed.

Why choose the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror?

The Nurture Smartᵀᴹ portable baby mirror was doctor-designed in collaboration with hospital Child Life Specialists. Our baby mirror can be a crib mirror, bassinet mirror, play-yard mirror or floor mirror. The large size and black-and-white raised graphics provide an exceptional developmental and sensory toy experience for a baby and the attachment loops at the top allow you to secure it in an upright position for easy viewing.

Why is a baby mirror important?

Nothing is more enticing to babies than the human face. Babies love to look at faces and can be mesmerized by their own. Mirror images help babies learn how to focus their eyes, follow images, learn new words and explore the wonderful things a face can do. Enjoying one’s own blinking, smiling image in a mirror is an important social and emotional milestone that babies tend to achieve during the first year. By gazing at themselves and their loved ones in a mirror, a baby can learn to identify familiar faces, track movements and even develop their tiny muscles as they reach and roll toward their reflection. And, if you talk to the baby while showing parts of your face in front of the mirror, you’ll help boost their language skills.

Can a baby mirror help with tummy time?

The fascination babies have with their mirror reflection can be a strong motivator for tummy time duration and other muscle-building exercises. Nurture Smart’s large baby mirror propped against a wall or pillow can motivate tummy time, sit time duration and physical activity that will help build the muscles and coordination necessary for crawling and walking.

What other features does the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror offer?

This baby mirror includes bold black and white graphics both around the mirror and on the back. Young babies have difficulty distinguishing color and are much more attracted to black-and-white images. Our graphic designs around the mirror add to the visual attraction of the mirror and our artist-designed graphics on the reverse side of the mirror provide an interesting visual alternative for a baby to focus on. These designs are all raised to provide both added visual stimulation and tactile stimulation rewarding the baby when they touch the mirror.

What is the appropriate age range for using the Nurture Smartᵀᴹ baby mirror?

Our baby mirror is designed for babies 0 – 10 months old. However, after this time the decorative baby mirror can be hung on a wall in the baby's room.

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