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Microsoft Health Insurance Covers Expensive Autism Treatment, Sets Precedent for Other Companies

People living with autism have a unique set of skills to offer, yet still have many challenges to face. High healthcare costs are frequently a barrier to autistic individuals receiving the care they need. Although many may not initially think that big corporations can be a strong ally to the autistic population, Microsoft is setting a new precedent for treating the cognitive disorder. Microsoft recently announced that it would begin to provide coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is one of the most promising techniques for treating autism- yet also one of the most expensive.

Microsoft is one of many corporations that funds its own healthcare for employees and their family members. Although the treatment is expensive, Microsoft executives believe it is worth the cost. The company’s strong connection with the University of Washington Autism Center, which dates back to an official partnership beginning in 2001, has solidified Microsoft’s commitment to the autistic population. The treatment is expected to show great results for the company’s employees, many of whom have autism themselves.

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