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New Autism Study

A study was recently conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine that could lead to an early diagnosis of autism. Researchers discovered that a brain wave test could diagnose autism. Brains of individuals with autism react differently to certain audio and visual stimuli, and it is through watching these brain activities that a diagnosis could be made. Individuals with autism who are diagnosed early on and receive early intensive behavioral intervention go on to do very well.

Some of our toys and games could be used for early intensive behavioral interventions such as our Shape SENSEation. Shape SENSEAtion can be used for fine and gross motor skills by taking apart shapes and putting them back together. Not only will they learn shapes, but they can learn colors, textures, patterns, and even the difference between large and small. Children can even mismatch shapes for fun. It is proven that children do far better at learning, when it is fun and motivating for them.

If you would like to read more about the study, click here to view the original Washington Post article.