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Support Behavior Therapy

In a recent article, by Disability Scoop,the paper contends that there is growing support for early intervention behavioral therapy. Therapy might include applied behavior analysis (ABA), play-based therapies, or early social skills interventions. Our toys at PlayAbility were designed with ideas from therapists, clinicians, and parents and may be used for early intervention behavioral therapy.

Our puppets, Buddy Dog and Echo Elephant, are great at teaching verbal and social skills as well as parallel play and pretend play. Children find puppets intriguing and will often carry on a conversation with a puppet and then try out the puppet for themselves.

Our puppets are engaging and the children that use them will not only be helped in the long term, but will experience hours of endless enjoyment.

The article was published online at Disability Scoop. You can read the full article and learn more by clicking here.