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Play is the work of the child - Nurture Smart

Play is the work of the child

Maria Montessouri once said that "Play is the work of the child," and PlayAbility Toys could not agree more. The evidence that play is important in...

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Music Can Soothe the Soul! - Nurture Smart

Music Can Soothe the Soul!

Making music can soothe the soul, but sometimes percussion can be a little too intense for children with cognitive disabilities, such as Autism or ...

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Autism and Anxiety Study - Nurture Smart

Autism and Anxiety Study

Approximately half of children with autism spectrum disorder also suffer from an anxiety disorder or an atypical anxiety. These anxieties range fro...

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Autism Inclusion Resources - Nurture Smart

Autism Inclusion Resources

Spending the afternoon at a baseball game is a favorite American pastime, but the increasing number of children with an autism spectrum disorder ha...

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