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The Importance of Play - Nurture Smart

The Importance of Play

Play is important. Play helps with physical development, fosters creativity, and even social development. A recent study focused on integrated play...

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Makerspaces - Nurture Smart


Makerspaces or Maker Education is a new school of thought that includes construction to help children with special needs and those without special ...

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Yale Autistic Sibling Study - Nurture Smart

Yale Autistic Sibling Study

A recent Yale study found that 20% of autistic siblings will also have the disorder. While the news is not that surprising, it correlates to anothe...

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Therapeutic Theater Program - Nurture Smart

Therapeutic Theater Program

Two school districts in Chicago are participating in a therapeutic theater program. What exactly is a therapeutic theater program? It is a program ...

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New Autism Study - Nurture Smart

New Autism Study

A study was recently conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine that could lead to an early diagnosis of autism. Researchers discovered t...

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